We take care of business.

Clients and KKG

KKG is a client centered law firm, not a lawyer centered law firm. KKG is in business to serve our clients–to advise objectively, to solve problems creatively, to work efficiently and to advocate passionately. We have what every client expects of a law firm: smart lawyers who have a mastery of the law and a deep understanding of the client’s business or problem, current technology to maximize our capabilities and efficiencies and low overhead to keep our costs down (and ultimately our client's costs down). But we go beyond that to partner with our clients and provide an extraordinary level of service as well as the seasoned, practical advice and relentless advocacy that our clients deserve. When a case or other matter is in progress, clients receive frequent updates and status reports so they always know their position and what the next steps will be. We don’t believe in jargon, pretension, or surprises.

As a full service business law firm, KKG works with clients in a number of specific areas of industry and commerce, efficiently and effectively serving their local, regional, and national legal needs. Within those areas of industry and commerce our attorneys provide extraordinary quality and highly experienced representation, whether the matter involves background advice and strategy, getting a deal done, or working to resolve a complex dispute. Our clients range from global companies that trade on the NYSE to start ups that were recently hatched in someone’s garage or imagined on someone’s iPad.

KKG also represents many individuals and families to handle their personal legal needs, some of which are simple and many of which are very complex and sophisticated.

Our clients expect us to be diligent in our efforts to keep our overhead and fees low, to be extraordinarily efficient in the delivery of our legal services, and to understand that the purpose of hiring our firm is for the client to obtain the best possible outcome under the circumstances. We fully understand and endorse all of that.

Our representative clients do business in various industries: