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In the years since its founding in 1985, KKG has assembled a diverse group of talented and experienced attorneys who represent clients in virtually all areas of industry and commerce. Our attorneys are exceptionally knowledgeable in their practice areas; they deliver realistic and constructive legal advice without jargon or pretension. Every client, no matter the size, receives the same quick, efficient and effective response.

Joel S. Arogeti

Marcus D. Benning

William J. Berg

David F. Cooper

S. Nathaniel De Veaux

Jennifer G. Feld

Richard G. Gaalema

Bruce H. Gaynes

C. Joseph Hoffman

Adam J. Katz

Mark A. Kelley

Stephen V. Kern

David B. Kitchens

Joel M. Langdon

Barbara A. Lincoln

Taylor K. Owens

Louis J. Papera

Mitchell S. Rosen

Roy P. Ruda

Candace D. Stevens

Suzanne S. Wilkie